Principles of the OCEAN College Writing Course


The OCEAN College Writing course will develop your critical writing, reading, and thinking skills. By the end of the course, you will demonstrate an understanding of audience, facility in academic discourse and conventions, rhetorical flexibility, and an appropriate sense of rhetorical forms and prose conventions.


You will complete at least 4 major papers of at least three pages. This will include at least one paper of 7 or more pages that integrates outside research using MLA style. One of the major papers will be based upon personal experience, and one will be an argument. You will be required to do major revisions for each of these, submitting a first and final draft.


You will complete frequent exercises to improve your writing skills. These will including reflections, precis (summary) and reading critiques. I may also assign other exercises focusing on style, voice, thesis development and structure.


OCEAN College Writing encourages risk-taking. You will be assigned at least one non-traditional, creative or experimental writing assignment. You will be assessed on your willingness to experiment with an unfamiliar structure, voice, tone or topic.

  5. OCEAN requires college-level readings. You will be assigned frequent essays, articles and other writings to read. You will also read at least one non-fiction book or novel.


You will be required to participate in peer review sessions, during which you will read and respond helpfully to the writings of your classmates.

7. I will meet with you individually to discuss your writing throughout the year.


You will abide by the Oberlin Honor Code and our school policies on cheating, plagiarism, fabrication and multiple submissions.

9. You will make up missed class time at my discretion. This includes field trips and excused and unexcused absences. Out of school suspensions are subject to the usual school policies.

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