The Oberlin College Educational Alliance Network

OCEAN, a concurrent enrollment program connecting Oberlin College and participating high schools, enables qualified secondary students to take Oberlin College courses at their home schools, taught by their secondary teachers, for Oberlin transcript credit.

Here you will find many OCEAN resources that will assist you with your OCEAN College writing course.

  Oberlin College Educational Alliance Network - Home Page
   Principles of the OCEAN College Writing Course  2010 - 2011
  Criteria and Requirements for Writing Proficiency
  The Writing Process:  From Topics to First Draft
   Revisions = Re-seeing = Seeing it All Again
  Goals of Integrating Information Literacy
  Cohesion and Emphasis
  College Syllabus (Word document)
  OCEAN writing - Peer Response form (Word document)
  UNIT Readings and Assignments

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