Goals of Integrating Information Literacy

  Listed below is an outline for key skills that you should be able to demonstrate by the time you graduate:
  • Understanding How Knowledge is Produced, Disseminated and Organized
  • Knowing How to Formulate Questions
  • Knowing How to Access Information
  • Knowing How to Evaluate Information
  • Understanding How to Make Use of Information
  Begin the process of mastering these concepts by doing the following:
  • Know how to devise a viable research topic
  • Understand the differences between scholarly, popular and other types of sources
  • Distinguish between library catalogs, research databases and the non-proprietary areas of the World Wide Web
  • Know the difference between types of databases (citation, full-text, image, etc.)
  • Know how to find a complete article once you have found a citation to it
  • Understand the rhetoric of a web page: that is authored by someone, has a particular audience in mind, and has specific goals or biases
  • Understand citation conventions and effective use of quotations and citations
  • Understand the definition of plagiarism and how to avoid it
  Know how to evaluate information on the web. Look at a site and answer the following list of questions:
  • Who is the author of the site?
  • What are his or her qualifications? Does she have special expertise about the subject (e.g. has s/he published other books? Is she an expert in the field?
  • Is the site peer-reviewed?
  • What is the purpose of the site? Does it provide any unique materials? (a good example might be a digitized collection of materials from a university library)
  • Who is the intended audience, as far as you can tell?
  • What did you learn about the subject matter from this site?
  • Is documentation provided to back up any claims made?
  • Is the site organized clearly (consider issues of both verbal and visual organization)?
  • Is the information here consistent with what you know about the subject from other sources? Can you verify the information or make judgments about its reliability?
  • What other sites link to this site (what company does it keep)?
  • Do you recommend the site? To whom and for what purpose?

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