TV and Video Production

 Below you will find activities, projects, and various downloadable
forms for your TV and Video Production studies.


 Research Activities:

     Broadcasting Hall of Fame 1895-2002 
 Men of the air - early radio & wireless documentary study guide
      TV ratings:  What does it all mean? 


Script writing:  Television scripts, teleplays, and newscasts 

 25 of the most influential directors of all time.


Copyrighting:  Learn all about it


    Video Projects:

How To:  Prepare and film a 3 minute instructional video

Interview:  Produce a 3-4 minute interview with a classmate being interviewed

Sweeps:  Each class will produce a 5-7 minute show

Commercial:  produce a 1-minute commercial about a product or service
Produce a 4-7 minute video about one ten-year period of time in the past
Stop Action:  produce a 3-minute video consisting of a series of pictures
How to put your video clips on the web


     Forms to Track Your Projects:
Storyboards, study guides, work logs and shot logs
Research Report Forms - eight different forms to report on your research
Photo evaluation form to critique composition and technical strengths


  Sample Video Scripts
 An alternative to the Storyboard is the Video Style Script, used to prepare information for TV and video.  This script is a page split into 3 columns - what the audience will see on the left side, what the audience will hear on the right.
      Sample Video Script Page 1
      Sample Video Script Page 2
      Sample Storyboard
      Scoring Rubric


Release Form for publication of student work on the Internet
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