Forms, Documents and Worksheets to assist teachers with lesson plans and assignments

All items are listed alphabetically:

2-Column Note-Taking Plus Check Zero - Student Template
3-2-1 Template Read-Stop-Write Template
Analogies Graphic Organizer Rigorous Thinking - Moving Beyond Worksheets
Anticipation Guides - Moving Beyond Worksheets Strategic Teaching - At a Glance
Anticipation Guide Template Student Engagement Lotus
Anticipation Guide - Writing Taking Vocabulary to the Next Level
Autobiography T Chart
Copy of Inference-Proof Strategy Text Messaging
Cross-Classification Chart Text Preview - Predictions - Ques
CUBING in the Content Areas The TASK
Essential Questions Think Writes
Formula Writing - Lotus Transfer - After Reading
Frames - Problem & Solution, Cause & Effect Transfer - Before Reading
Frayer Model (4) Transfer - During Reading
GIST- Explanation Transition Template
Graphic Organizers Universal Concepts
Inference-Proof Strategy Vocabulary Chart
Integrated Approach - Cover Vocabulary Stages
KIC Chart Watch-Stop-Write Template
LEXILE Ranges Template What Chart
Listen-Stop-Write Template What I Think It Means
Peer Activities Window Notes Templates
Writing Strategies Across the Curriculum

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