Improving Your Writing Style

Information here will assist in improving the design of your writing and the quality of your prose.

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Below are documents to help you with your career writing.
Below that are articles, guides and research topics

Career Writing
    Writing Good Resumes & College Applications
     Tips & guidelines for writing successful résumés and college admission essays.


 Template Résumé - High School  (an exampleof a good high school résumé)
 Scans Competencies  (five competencies employers want you to have)


 Keywords for Interpersonal Traits


 A list of Action Verbs that add Strength to your Résumé


 College Admission Essays
 Personal Characteristics for Evaluation and Job Performance:
   1. Character and Inward Traits
   2. Presence and Outward Qualities
   3. Application and Emotional Qualities
   4. Manner and Outward Qualities



More Pages to Help You Improve Your Reading Skills and Writing Style

MLA Format - Modern Language Association's standard format for essays and research papers,
                     using Mircosoft Word
  Allusions - Research and read about selected topics from the allusion projects (below)
Allusion Projects - Allusion topics for your research
  Anti-Fan Club - An article that deals with Anti-Fan clubs
AP Reader - AP Placement reading process and Writing strategies
Book a Month - Fabulous 15 - Cards to help practice reading techniques and critical reading skills   
Brainstorming - Brainstorming Principles and Rules
Cartoon Analysis - A guide for identifying the persuasive techniques used in political cartoons
  Combining Sentences - two sets of fifteen exercises, plus four pre-test and post-test essays
Critical Reading - How to think about ideas discussed
Critical Thinking - Questions that probe reasons and evidence
Essay Discussion Questions - 7 Questions to discuss - with a written essay
Goals and Mission Statement - Use this form to help formulate your goal for this class
Honors English 9 Summer Reading Assignment - books you should read during high school
  Language Analysis - Writing style - that which makes an author's writing unique
  Learning Styles - Learn about how you like to learn things
  Masculinity and Violence in Advertising - Drama and Poetry
  Misplaced Modifiers - A test on Misplaced Modifiers
  Monday Morning Meltdown - Read a different columnist's writing weekly and comment on style
  Questions for Visual Works - How an author creates a visualization of his work
Research Analysis - How to format your term papers
Skills and Learning Styles - Learn what English-related skills would you like to improve this year
Socratic Questions - Socratic questioning and critical thinking
  Suggested reading list - lists of books for you to read by author - drama and poetry
  Sentence editing - Editing sentences from passive to active to improve strength and clarity
  Vocabulary Journaling - Instructions and an example of a journal entry
100 Words - 100 words that every graduate should know

  Cover Sheet Template - How to format your cover sheets
  Journal Evaluation Form - A form to help you evaluate your journal entries
Graphic Organizers for Writing - 15 + 54 forms to help organize your writing ability (Grades 9-12) 
Read 25 Books a Year - Keep track of the books you read for the entire year
Writing Self-profile - help you to discover your writing backgrounds, attitudes, and strengths
Reading Self-profile - help you to discover your reading backgrounds, attitudes, and strengths
  Release Form - for publication of student work on the Internet



Templates and Project Forms
  Assignment Sheet - A form to list your assignments
  "GIRL" - By Jamaica Kincaid
"I Am" Poem - It's all about you
Mission Statement Template - A form for your mission statement and your goals
Prophyria's Lover - Six questions and three short essays
Where I'm From - A template to explain your origins


 A WebQuest - An Internet WebQuest on the Plague
Digital Media Summer - Explore the use of digital media

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