1. Relate positive messages you received about any creative endeavor in which you participated.
  2. Create a study/reading schedule for two weeks.  Allot ten minutes and build daily.
  3. Collect motivational/inspirational sayings or quotes. Explain why each is meaningful to you.
  4. Make a list of obstacles that impede your success. Next write how to overcome them.
  5. Describe yourself to someone else as if you were in the 3rd party.
  6. Write about a person you admire but don't know personally. Research them and discuss what it is about them that attracts you.
  7. Write a detailed description of your work or study space.
  8. Describe your ultimate room or private space. Use specific detail.
  9. Write about the top 10 experiences of your life.
  10. Keep a journal on a topic in the evening and then again in the morning. Compare and contrast.
  11. Stare at yourself in the mirror. Imagine you're looking at a stranger. Write a self-portrait describing yourself in detail.
  12. Write on the same journal topic at 3 different locales. Compare them and note changes in tone.
  13. Find a grocery list. Write about the people or the meal from what was bought.
  14. Write a monologue and vent your rage about whatever topic fires you up. Is it fear or rage?
  15. Write about your first experience with birth. Who was born? What was your knowledge before the event and after?
  16. Write about your first experience with death. Who died? What was your knowledge before and after?
  17. Write a 5 year plan. What do you want your life to be like? Think about what you want to achieve and why.
  18. Brainstorm a list of topics. Start each with the phrase "I am a......"
  19. Write about a lie you told. Did you "fess up" later? Were you caught? What were the consequences?
  20. Write about a time or a situation that made you so angry but now looking back is really funny or humorous. Be detailed.
  21. Fictionalize an idea based on a real event. Stick to the facts, but change the names or appearances.
  22. Many poems have been written about the "first" kiss. Write a poem or essay about the last kiss.
Write a letter to yourself. Describe what you'd like to change in your life this year. Describe your personal goals. Seal it until December 31st.
  24. You decide to put a letter in a bottle and throw it into Lake Erie. What does it say?
  25. Write an episode of your favorite TV show. Write yourself in as a guest star.
  26. Write about a political event.
  27.  Write a children's story from the child's point of view.
  28. What does the holiday of Valentine's Day mean to you? Who do you want to be your Valentine?
  29. Find or view a famous painting. Describe it in detail and why it appeals to you.
  30.  Make a list of words your best friend would use to describe you. Then list the words your worst enemy would use to describe you. Now compare them and explain.
  31. Listen to music you haven't heard in a long time. Write about the memories the music recalls.
  32. In this age of cell phones we often hear one side of the conversation. Imagine what the other person is saying and write down the conversation.
  33. List 10 things you'd like to accomplish in your lifetime and why.
  34. Rewrite the ending to your least favorite movie.
  35. When you were little, what did you want to be? Why? Do you still aspire to this?
  36. Write the commencement speech to give at your high school graduation.
  37. Green with envy. Red with embarrassment. We use color as a metaphor to describe emotion. Make up metaphors using colors.
  38. What makes good poetry (music, literature, etc.) What makes it bad?
  39.  What can you do "today" to begin to live your dreams?
  40.  Respond to: You are fine just as you are.
  41. What inspires you with a sense of "awe" or wonder? Give details and explain why.
  42. What mystified you as a child? How did you feel when you found out the truth behind the mystery?
  43. Write about a time when the power was out. What did you do? How did you cope?
  44. Talk to people who are successful in their work. What limitations have they overcome?
  45. Walk around your neighborhood, park, or downtown. Write about what inspires your sense of wonder.
  46.  Practice the wonder of small things. Write about the higher value of something ordinary or even repulsive. An old shoe, grandfather's tool box, etc.
  47. What is unique about you (talents, hobbies, preferences)? Make a list of at least 10 ways you're different and what's good about that.
  48. What was the most demanding, difficult, frustrating project you've ever taken on?
  49. Find a symbol to serve as your inspiration when you are faced with a difficult time or project.
  50. What kind of people make you feel uncomfortable? Why?
  51.  Write 6 ways to describe the smell of fallen leaves.
  52. For several days, record how you spend your time. How, specifically, is your day proportioned?
  53. Find a spot and lie on your back for ½ hour in the grass. Write about your thoughts and ideas.
  54.  Walk in the rain. Splash through the puddles like a kid. Play with bubbles, leap into leaves, run through the dew with bare feet. Write about how it feels.
  55. For a week, collect odd facts. After a dozen or two, see what categories they fall into. What is the same or different?
  56. Write about an April Fool's Day prank.
  57.  Do you believe in astrology? Write horoscopes for your friends.
  58. Imagine life on another planet. What is the food, language, and the world like?
  59. You're being interviewed by a journalist or TV newsperson on your great fame. Write a transcript.
  60. Write about an exchange where all the action takes place at night.
  61.  Describe an apple without using the words "red", "shiny", or "fruit".
  62. You are a guest at a famous Hollywood wedding. Who is getting married, and what are the fashions?
  63. Read the paper/magazine and find a story that evokes emotion from you. Write a letter to the editor about it.
  64.  Ode to Mondays. Write about the dreaded or wonderful Monday.
  65. Make a list of the worst. The worst books, movies, TV series, music, etc. Tell why.
  66. A person's favorite color describes his/her personality. What is yours? Explain.
  67. Write about someone who was close to you who is no longer in your life.
  68. Did you have a secret hideout or clubhouse as a kid? IF so, write about it. If not, imagine what it would have been like.
  69. "The dish ran away with the spoon". Personify everyday objects and create a kid's story.
  70. "Stressed out". Write about the last time you were, and what you did to relax.
  71. Read the personal ads in the paper. Create an expanded profile of someone from an ad.
  72. You've just won the: Oscar, Pulitzer, Super Bowl, NBA, NHL, Black Entertainer's Award (choose one). Write your acceptance speech.
  73. Learn to work, despite sensory overload. Go to a crowded mall, restaurant, etc. Then write a journal during the chaos.
  74. Grab a dictionary and pick a word totally at random. Use it in the 1st sentence in a story or essay about it.
  75.  Write about your last-day-of-school experiences. Any grade.
  76. If you could revoke 1 person's celebrity, who would it be? Why?
  77. Visit a thrift store or yard sale. Pick out the most unusual item and write about where the object has been.
  78. What was the most memorable summer you ever had as a child? What makes it stand out from the others?
  79. Write a kid's story in which all the characters are food items.
  80.  What would be paradise for you? What would you do there?
  81.  Where is the creepiest place you've ever been? Describe.
  82. Look up the meaning of your name. Does it match your personality? What would you rename yourself? Why?
  83. What was your favorite childhood book? Explain why you liked it so much.
  84.   What is the craziest or wackiest thing you've ever done? Tell about it.
  85.  Write a story about a pickup truck, lipstick, and a silver earring.
  86. What do late night talk show hosts discuss with their guest during commercial breaks?
  87. Finish the sentence with a story, explaining "Even before I opened the letter, I knew what it was going to say......"
  88. Describe a person in action. Concentrate on breaking down the action onto small detailed steps.
  89.  What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
  90.  Look out the window. Describe what you see in detail.
  91. Pretend you're a tourist in your own town. Plan a day of sightseeing and write about where you would go.
  92. Rent a movie you've never seen. Watch half of it then come up with a possible ending. Finish watching. Compare the two.
  93. Find an old, decrepit house. Write about what happened to it. Who used to live there? What was life like there?
  94.  Write about the strangest person you know.
  95. Cut out a picture from a newspaper or magazine. Ignore the story or ad. Now write your own story about what's going on.
  96. Look at the for sale classifieds. Pick an unusual item and make up a story about why it must be sold.
  97.  What would happen if you met your own clone?
  98. Do you ever get a case of the "what ifs"? Write about how things would be different.
  99. Write a letter to all your relatives telling them of the year's news for a holiday or reunion newsletter.
  100. Tell about someone's personal obsession collecting something (baseball cards, dolls, etc.)
  101. Discuss the impact of 9/11; tributes, holidays, terrorists, patriotism, etc.
  102. Re-tell a favorite fairy tale or children's story from a modern view point.
  103. Consider the cliché, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Explain and tell why it is or isn't/should or shouldn't be true.
  104. Detail one aspect of your life you wouldn't want to change. What would happen if it DID change?
  105. Predict your future - focus on upcoming events. Tell what will happen in 2, 5, and 20 years, in both your life, and in the world.
  106. Imagine your life as a domesticated animal.  Who is your owner? What do you do all day? 
  107. Write down the worst thing that happened to you.  Create a list of ten reasons it may have been a blessing in disguise. 
  108. Describe a hot day without using the words sun, hot, warm, steamy, muggy or sunny. Seek new words.
  109. Talk about your favorite summer meal or treat. 
  110. Recount a memory that involves some kind of sport. 
  111. Respond to this: "What you seek, lies within." 
  112. Write a persuasive essay arguing the benefits (or problems) of year round schooling.
  113. Earth, wind, fire, or water - which element is more like you? Use the element as a metaphor to describe yourself. 
  114. Of all the days you have lived, which would you like to repeat? Why? What happened? 
  115. When you hear the word "mother," what do you think? Explain. 
  116. Search through your music collection. Make a master list of your favorite songs. Copy lyrics (snippets) that have had the greatest impact on you. 
  117. Make a running list and description of things and events that make your happy or bring you happiness. 
  118. What really matters to you? Discuss the real meaning for things in your life.
  119. The greatest rewards are often intangible. Write about the greatest intangible gift you have ever received.
  120. Find a favorite picture. Describe it. Tell what happened before, during and after. Write a caption for it.
  121. Write a proposal for a new national holiday. Explain why and what we would do on that day.
  122. What time of year is most like your soul? Explore this idea.
  123. Write a letter to someone you are grateful to have in your life. Express your appreciation.
  124. Everyone has a favorite celebrity. Write about what a day in his or her life would be like.
  125. Write about your favorite season or climate.
  126. You've just won the lottery. Tell how you would spend the money, and how your life would change.
  127. Finish an essay beginning: "I think school is...." Continue with pros and cons of this statement.
  128. Write a letter to someone who you believe doesn't appreciate you or accept you. Describe why you feel treated wrongly.
  129.  Research volunteer opportunities in your community. Choose one that interests you. Explain at least three excuses why you couldn't do this. Then tell three reasons why you could.
  130. Tell three different memories of Halloween. What different costumes or identities have you had? What parties or activities have you attended?
  131. You've been elected homecoming King or Queen. Write your acceptance speech and thank your supporters. Remind everyone why you are the best choice.
  132. Open the junk drawer in your house. Tell about all the items you find there. What are they? How are they used? Why are they there?
  133. If money were no object, where would you travel? What would you like to see or do?
  134. Write a character sketch that describes a person much like you, but at a younger age and in a different country. Research the country and imagine the person in it.
  135. List three of your vices. Choose one you believe you could conquer or want to overcome. Replace it with a healthy activity. Write about the process.
  136. Write a personal essay about how you've changed and grown since coming to 9th grade.
  137. Set aside twenty minutes; sit in silence, no TV, radio, CD, etc. Sit alone and be silent. When you're done, write about your thoughts.
  138. Think of someone in pain or who needs help. Write to this person offering encouragement and offering your assistance.
  139. Write about your favorite game show. Explain how it's played. How do you win? What strategies would you use?
  140. Describe your last vacation. Where? Who went? What did you do?
  141. Write about your favorite American landmark or historical site.
  142. Some ideas are pure genius. Some people are actual geniuses. Discuss the idea of being or relating to a genius.
  143. What kind of costume would you (did you) wear for Halloween? What does this say about you?
  144. Pretend one of your loved ones is serving in the military during a time of war. Write a letter to that person.
  145. Of what are you a veteran? List three personal or literal "wars" that you have encountered and tell how the outcome changed you.
  146. Write a journal about everything associated with football.
  147. Write down words that best describe each of your family members. Write a tribute or poem to one of those people with the attribute you chose as a title.
  148. Discuss the phrase, "People don't respect what they get for free." Is it true or false? Examine.
  149. Write an essay or poem about opposites, alternating paragraphs or stanzas. Example: Small hands and big hands.
  150. Create a scene set at a carnival or circus. Include sounds and smells, as well as sights.
  151. Write an essay about what personal item or prized possession you would sacrifice for a person you truly respect.
  152. The world is ending in three days. List three things that you would do before you die. Explain in detail.
  153. Is there life on other planets? Write about an extraterrestrial life.
  154. Deadlines are critical points in school and work. Talk about deadlines and your approach to them. How do you handle them? Are they positive and tangible goals.
  155. After the Thanksgiving feast, when you are "stuffed"; use the metaphor for one attribute you would like to be "stuffed" with in your life.
  156. Cut out your favorite cartoon. Tape it in your journal. Write a storyline for the character in it.
  157. Discuss politicians. What characteristics do they have? What ones should they have?
  158. Talk about your favorite TV show. What do you find compelling? Why is it your favorite?
  159. When life seems out of control, who do you turn to? Write to that person thanking him or her for all the times they've been there for you.
  160. Personify an object in your kitchen. Start a story, "When the owner walks into the kitchen and finds a talking.....?
  161. What is your favorite movie? Explain why, then write an alternate ending.
  162. Everyone has a "twin." Tell about this person. What would he/she be doing?
  163. Why do you think writing is hard/easy? Try to articulate the obstacles or
complexities of the writing process.
  164. Listen to jazz music and just write about whatever the music brings to your mind.
  165. Discuss the phrase, "God's delays are not God's denials."
  166. Write from this prompt: "If I had known then what I know now....." 
  167. Write a letter to your mom or dad and share your favorite childhood memory of him or her. 
  168. What was the most memorable birthday of your life? Discuss. 
  169. What would the ultimate computer do for you? 
  170. Write about three obstacles in your life and how you can overcome them. 
  171. If you could have been the author of any book, play or movie, which would it be?  Explain why. 
  172. Rewrite the words to one of your favorite holiday songs. Write a parody to sing or read to the class. 
  173. Write about the prompt: "My favorite holiday memory is....." 
  174. Watch the news. Truth is stranger than fiction. Use real world news for inspiration. (news of the weird, knuckleheads in the news, etc.) 
  175. Make a list of inspiration. Make a list of people, places, things and activities, that make you happy. 
  176. Make a list of things that make you nuts - people, places, situations, etc. Describe. Make plans of how to reduce or eliminate them. 
  177. Open a drawer, purse or closet. Pick the first item and write about it. 
  178. What are your six favorite meals? Describe in depth, write out the recipes. 
  179. Write about the month of ______. Think of things that come to mind when you think of this month. 
  180. Imagine you can make one mythical creature come to life. Which one and why? 
  181. Make a list of all the excuses you have to justify not writing. (Make a promise to never use any of them!) 
  182. Write what you would wish for the world right now, more than anything.
  183. Make a list of blessings in your life. Discuss how and why they are blessings. 
  184. If you could be one thing to symbolize yourself, what would it be? A bridge, a tree, etc. Explain why. 

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