Classroom Regulations and Grading Policy       

1. Each student is expected to be on time and prepared for class.  This means bring textbook, paper, 5 color highlighters, and pens blue/black to class every day.
2. Homework and Notes:
      A.   All assignments should be clearly identified with the student's name and subject on covers.
    B.   Notetaking is necessary and is the student's responsibility.

3. Grading policy is computed by total points and includes:
      A.  Tests - announced and usually given at the end of each unit of study.
    B.  Quizzes - not always announced and given on topics previously studied or on assigned readings.
    C.  Homework - Late work is not accepted! Absence does not absolve a deadline. Consult the website for daily updates and assignments, study guides, etc. All draft of assignments, comps and essays must be typed. If you do not have access to a computer on a regular basis let me know so arrangements can be made.
Assignment Requirements:
12 point “traditional” font, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Courier, Arial
Black ink
Double spaced.
Standard Margins
Cover sheet
MLA style
Compositions and homework are to be completely finished prior to class, printed and ready for submission upon arrival
      D.  Compositions - typed with a cover sheet.  Term papers and typed compositions have set deadlines.  Late papers will not be accepted under any circumstances.  Personal absence or field trips do not extend deadlines.
    E.  Extra credit - rarely available.  There may be opportunities for students to earn extra credit points to be added to the total points each quarter.  This is to be explained as the need arises.
    F.  Accelerated reader - required readings and testing by quarters.

SSR - Sustained Silent Reading - Students will be given the opportunity to read in class for a sustained period of time daily or weekly. All students will complete outside readings on his/her own time. The goal is 600 pages per Marking Period (9-10 weeks) Students will receive credit for the required class readings assuming a score of 80% or higher on the summative comprehension test at the end of each work. SSR grade will stand as a separate grade according to the following schedule:


# Of Pages   




 - A+



 - B+



 - C+



 - C-

Below 540


 - D-F


At the end of each marking period, total points earned are divided by total points possible and a percentage grade is found.  For semester and final grades, quarters 1 and 2, and quarters 3 and 4, respectively, are added together to find a semester grade. Points carry over from one quarter to another, as stated above.  Percentage grades are then assigned the corresponding letter grade according to the following:

90% to 100% -


80% to 89% -


70% to 79% -


0% to 69% -


Below 60% -


4. Attendance – Class participation is integral to “success” in this class. Daily attendance is required and expected. Students are expected to be in their seat prepared to work when the bell rings.  It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements to complete assignments due to absence.  Excused absences require a parent note and work missed due to those absences will not lose points.  However, work missed due to unexcused absences will not be accepted.  Five or more absences, excused or unexcused, will not pass. If you know you will be absent, email me.
5. Tardy to class in excess of 10 minutes will be treated as absences. (See above)
Extra help - students are encouraged to seek help outside of class when material is unclear.  Before and after school help is available and reccomended.
7. Anyone found dishonestly giving or receiving information during a quiz or test will receive a zero.  Plagiarism on any paper will result in a failure for the marking.

Student behavior - Students will display the highest level of maturity, respect and ethics. There will be no tolerance for disruptions of the learning process or infractions of the student responsibilities policy (see handbook).



Some Rules From Your "Grader":        

1.  Papers with no name will be thrown away.
2. Please:
In addition to your FULL name (first & last, not just a nick name), write your block and level (E, F, G, H) CLEARLY in the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the test sheet 
3. Follow instructions:
         A.  Mark syllable stress before the accented syllable:  'syl la ble, not syl' la ble
If I am not sure which syllable you have marked, it is wrong.
         B.  If the question says "Write the correct letter," write the letter.  DO NOT write the word.
 4. Number correctly:
       If the numbers are 1-25, number 1-25.  DO NOT number the second half 26-50.

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